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Natasha Spittle

BOT Chairman

Michael Marron

What is happening this term:

16th Feb: Outdoor Ed Week

19th Feb: BOT Meeting 7pm

20th Feb: Duathlon

23rd Feb: Swimming Starts

26th Feb: BOT Meeting

27th Feb: Swimming

2nd Mar: Swimming

5th Mar: Swimming

6th Mar: Syndicate Athletics

9th Mar: PTA AGM

13th Mar: Jnr Swimming Sports

26th Mar: BOT Meeting

2nd Apr: Teachers Only Day (To be confirmed)

3rd Apr: Good Friday School Holidays Begin

We have had an EXCELLENT start to our year, everybody is very settled and enthusiastic. Even our bus driver, made the comment on how well behaved and fantastic our group of children are. It is really admirable to see them all playing so well in break times, with children of all ages. This atmosphere takes time to build up and I think we are pretty close to ‘nailing it’. Well done everybody for a great start. It was great to be part of Agrikids on Saturday, in Queenstown. The team work of Courtney, Nicholas and Flynn was incredible and you did the school proud. Well done for a great effort.


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